I enjoy working with other professionals. On my links page are connections to organisations and individuals who collectively make it possible to achieve what I aspire to.

Grey Richards and Trowell Architecture Mary Wardle
I work closely with GRT Architecture for whom I am a consultant. The practice has an established reputation for award winning sustainable design. I would not be able to complete my own work without their support and technical back up. We work closely as a team, as well as separately on our own projects. The GRT website is extensive and includes archive projects as well as current projects.

Mary is an artist, writer, printmaker and landscape designer. We work together on projects, and share the view that architecture and landscape cannot be separated.

Nicky Rose Karen Player

Nicky is an artist with whom I have worked for many years. Below is an extract from her website which eloquently sums up her views on art and life.

"Using art to encourage a more inclusive, flexible and cyclical way of thinking, can be hugely beneficial to so many people, no matter what age, gender, race, ability, or walk of life. "

Karen provides business support and coaching to me personally, and to GRT Architecture. Without her support I would not have been able to survive as an architect in practice, I am convinced.

Karen can be emailed at:

Stuart Poplar Builders HA Briddon Builders

Stuart has been instrumental in building many of the projects completed at GRT Architecture, and we continue to have a productive working relationship.

Stuart can be emailed at:

Simon Harry and Jenny, are a family firm of builders with their own joinery workshop. We have worked together for many years and continue to do so.

Nottingham University David Erskin

I work as a studio design tutor at Nottingham University School of Architecture. I have my own first year studio with twenty five students and work two days a week with my students during term time. Teaching is something which I really enjoy, and an important aspect of my work.

David Erskine is a Structural Engineer who helps us to realise our projects. We like working with David with whom we share the view that architecture, structure and landscape are all inseparably linked.

Chris Webb Adam Block

Chris is a photographer, also based in Wirksworth,who I am grateful to for taking all the photographs on my website.

Adam is a student at Keele University and assembled this website, for which I am extremely grateful.

Derwent Treescapes Nigel Winter

We have worked with Derwent Treescapes on many projects, including our Sure Start garden. They have many skills, including construction work on site and an extensive knowledge of plants and landscape design. We enjoy working with them.

Nigel is a Quantity Surveyor and helps to ensure we complete our projects to an agreed budget. Working with Nigel in the early stages of a project is also particularly valuable as we can help clients to prepare initial cost plans and to proceed in the knowledge that costs are considered before detailed design work is commissioned.

Nigel can be emailed at: